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Although most whiskey fans have heard that increasing demand for whiskey has led to a shortage of barrels, many are now starting to learn about the detrimental effects barrel production has on our planet. It appears to be a well-kept secret that the demand for barrels has been tearing into the already depleted oak forests, and disrupting the ecosystems within them.

Needless to say this unnecessary harm to the earth opened our eyes, and suddenly barrel aged whiskey didn’t taste smooth anymore. In that moment we knew our mission: Make Austin the first city to have an excellent tasting, and sustainably matured whiskey.
With a combination of hard work, long hours, and luck we came across a detail that whiskey companies before us have overlooked. As whiskey sits in a barrel a subtle yet important phenomenon occurs which produces the wonderful aromas and flavors of the smoothest whiskeys. What we learned about barrel aging allows us to harness this phenomenon to make a high quality whiskey with much less impact on the environment. This special process is what gives Austonian its signature toasted oak finish.

There have been many heroes in the past who have called Texas home. Here is your chance to save the planet, one smooth sip at a time.

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